Valentina Lequeux mostra opções de treino para Abdominais em casa

Valentina Lequeux tem uma grande quantidade de seguidores no mundo inteiro. Ela conseguiu isso por que ela se dedica muito a demonstrar dicas de esportes e exercícios. Vejam hoje este vídeo que ela publicou recentemente em seu Instagram mostrando alguns exercícios de abdominais que são possíveis de fazer em casa!

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🔥🏡 Abs at Home 🏡🔥 Please read, like and share it with your babes 🙏🏻💕 - Alright people how are we feeling!? How is your country/city doing? - Here in Miami a lot of businesses are closed down including gyms, hence why I’m sharing again some of my favorite home workouts! And I’ve been thinking about start doing live sessions for everyone interested in training at home at the same time with me to join! What do you think? - ⚠️Here is the full routine⚠️ Perform them one after the other for 12-15 reps each, and rest 90 second once completed the circuit repeat it x5, 1️⃣ side to side hip dips to toe touches 2️⃣ in an out crunches 3️⃣ side to side crunches 4️⃣ single leg crunch reach

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